While the majority of COPS Learning Portal courses are available to all users, each course was developed with certain audiences in mind.

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COPS Grantees

This section features courses for recipients of COPS grants relevant to managing various awards. This audience includes but is not limited to recipients of COPS Hiring Grants, recipients of COPS Community Policing Development grants, directors/deputies of training institutes, project managers, content developers, graphic artists, and programmers who are designing COPS training.

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Law Enforcement Practitioners

This section is for law enforcement practitioners of all ranks and levels of experience seeking to build upon their community policing efforts. We hope that the courses in this portal will assist you in reaching the next level of community oriented policing in your agency and in your community.

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Community Members

This section is for all members of the community. We have a shared responsibility for public safety in our communities; the police simply cannot do it alone. Input, buy-in and participation of community members and local government officials is integral to the effectiveness of community policing. The courses in this section will educate you about community policing, crime problems and assist you in identifying what you can do to promote public safety in your neighborhood.

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Community Policing Professionals

This section features courses for Community Policing Trainers. The courses featured here aim to enhance trainers' abilities to educate others about the philosophy of community policing and connect the principles of community policing to special topics related to crime and disorder.

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