Native American Distance Learning - Tribal Policing Training

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This Executive Leadership e-learning program is designed to assist Native American law enforcement agencies with developing both current and future leaders within their organizations. Throughout the program a variety of leadership models and theories are presented in order to enlighten participants and enhance their learning experience.

In this course you will be asked to listen to narrated content, read information, and participate in learning activities.

This training is funded through a cooperative agreement issued by the Department of Justice, Community Oriented Policing Office (COPS). The Upper Midwest Community Policing Institute (UMCPI) and the Community Safety Institute (CSI) have produced this training series.

For over a decade the COPS Office has provided valuable training and technical assistance to law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. Recent research has indicated that many of these programs are not currently being utilized by tribal policing agencies because they were not appropriately tailored to the Native American community. The COPS Native American Training Series has been developed to meet this need by providing quality training and tools that are based in proven community policing principles and practices.

The specific purpose of this project was not to create new, untested programs, but to tailor existing successfully-implemented community policing initiatives to meet the needs of Native American communities. There is a wide diversity of Native American communities, each with their own unique tribal characteristics. This program has endeavored to modify these useful community policing products to the Native American community, understanding that each tribal entity will further refine the adaptation process to meet the specific needs of individual tribal nations and specific community concerns.


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