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This course addresses the problem of clandestine methamphetamine (meth) labs.

In this course, you will learn what the types of meth labs are, and how they may affect your community. It will give you the understanding to analyze your local problem and design a response strategy.

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Community Policing Defined is an interactive online course designed to provide participants with a basic awareness and understanding of the fundamental principles and best practices of community policing. Based on the Department of Justice, COPS Office publication of the same name, Community Policing Defined not only describes the practice of community policing but also examines how it can be effectively applied.

Law enforcement practitioners

The COPS Office and the FBI Virtual Academy have teamed to provide Ethics for the Individual Officer, a free online course available to the law enforcement and intelligence community.

Law enforcement officers encounter dilemmas that few people in other professions do. With true-to-life scenarios, streaming video, and an interactive format, this online course will empower you to answer ethical questions that arise.

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This Executive Leadership e-learning program is designed to assist Native American law enforcement agencies with developing both current and future leaders within their organizations. Throughout the program a variety of leadership models and theories are presented in order to enlighten participants and enhance their learning experience.

In this course you will be asked to listen to narrated content, read information, and participate in learning activities.

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For over three decades, the principles of community policing have been a driving force in American law enforcement. Yet for all of its past success, community policing may never have been as vital to law enforcement and the well being of our communities as it is today. New Perspectives on Community Policing is a free, web-based training course that examines how change, emerging issues, and threats are necessitating a reinvigorated commitment to the key components of community policing: community partnerships, organizational transformation, and problem solving.


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